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Tuesday, September 18th 2012

Shopbop Beauty: Soft Waves

Soft, tousled waves with the perfect coolly messy finish are the envy of most women I know. It’s a style that’s often attempted but rarely successful outside the professional world. Thankfully, our in-house expert Kendra was happy to share her secrets for perfecting this in-demand look.


Step 1: Prep

Work a medium hold styling spray into damp hair, then hand dry by lifting at the roots and scrunching in the ends. When finished, your hair should look lofty and airy. If the hair around your face naturally curls, use a brush and a hair dryer to blow dry it straight.

Step 2: Section
To make curling easier, you’ll want to section your hair into three working areas: bottom, middle, and top. The bottom is the biggest section, running from ear to ear. The middle is the section from temple to temple. And the top is the leftover section at the very crown. No need to make them all from the get go, just start at the bottom and section as you go.


Step 3: Style

Time for curling! Starting at the bottom section, wrap a small chunk of hair around the iron, holding the tip with your fingers. Repeat around the whole bottom, spraying each curl with a flexible hairspray. For the next section, and this is key, wrap the hair around the iron in the opposite direction. This keeps hair from clumping. [Editor’s note: this is literally a life changing tip—I followed this advice and finally got the look I wanted.] For the top section, flip curl directions again. The only time to break this rule is with the hair right around your face. There, you always want to curl the hair away.

Step 4: Spray
Once all your hair is curled, lightly brush through it to blend everything. This softens the waves into a nice shape.

Hair and makeup by Kendra Gassner.

Step 5: Finish
Spray once more with a firmer hairspray for hold, and you are all set.

--Libby S.

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