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Thursday, December 18th 2008

Shopbop Holiday Party: The Outfit

Preparing for a holiday work party can be a daunting task. What should I wear? Will my boss be creeped out by the amount of cleavage I’m showing? Will my tolerance allow me to have more than two drinks without making a fool of myself? The list goes on and on. But when preparing for tonight's shopbop holiday party there is one question that trumps them all: “Will someone else be wearing my dress?” Excited about my purchase of the Ella Moss Kiki Dress in black, I felt the need to claim the dress as mine, so I emailed my fellow coworkers to find out what they were wearing. That was code for: “You better not be wearing my dress, and if you are, make other plans.”

One may think: "You're shopbop, you have a million dresses, I can’t imagine how two people could wear the same thing." But alas, there is always a case where someone is in the same outfit. Luckily for me, when I asked my coworkers about their planned ensembles, no one mentioned my beloved Ella Moss dress.

Here are some of the answers I did get:

Holly, Merchandiser: A black Elizabeth and James mini I found today.

Maureen, Copywriter: I'm having two pre-party glasses of wine and praying for last-minute brilliance, which probably means all the jewelry I own, a boyfriend blazer, and skinny pants.

Jennifer, Merchandiser: A black Susana Monaco strapless dress and a gold Twelfth St. cardigan.

Anna, Email Marketing: I’ll probably just wear tights, Jeffrey Campbell platforms, and some sort of mini dress. Pretty standard really.

Carly, Web Content: I’m wearing a Karen Zambos dress. (Unless I change my mind 20 minutes before the party.)

This night is going to shape up in real shopbop style. Can’t wait to post the pictures.

Work party coming up? What work or sartorial genius will you be wearing?


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