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Friday, January 10th 2014

Shopbop Loves SoulCycle

Our exclusive collaboration with SoulCycle launched today, and we couldn’t be more excited! The cozy pieces are perfect for hanging out post-workout or easing into a warm-up routine. With fitness on our minds—and a cartful of activewear—we chatted with four SoulCycle NY instructors, the stars of our latest lookbook, about fashion, beauty, and their off-duty looks.

SoulCycle NYC instructors Karyn (left) and Madison.

SHOPBOP: Do you have any fashion tips for going straight from class to a night out?
KARYN: Keep it simple. If you're going straight from the studio, you don't want to carry around a bunch of extra stuff. Pack a pair of jeans, a loose flowy tank—because even post-shower your body wants to keep sweating—a blazer, wedge sneakers or heels (depending on how fancy you’re feeling), and a long necklace or some fun earrings. For me, my hair is almost completely drenched after class, so I like to throw it up into a high bun and call it a day.
MADISON: A quick rinse is always nice. I never want to put anything tight on after class—I'm definitely always on the casual side—but I always make sure I have a pair of cool sneakers or some motorcycle boots to give my outfit a bit of edge.

SB: What is your go-to outfit when you’re not working out?
KARYN: I lived in LA for the last five years, so my go-to is suited for warmer weather conditions. (Let's just pretend it's not the dead of winter outside.) Black tights, cutoff jean shorts, a slightly oversized graphic tank with a colored bra underneath, and wedge sneakers or boots. This is on the rare occasion when I'm not wearing sweatpants or shorts with legwarmers.
MADISON: My leather leggings, a white tee, blazer, and a great pair of shoes! I'm a uniform kind of girl.

SoulCycle NYC instructors Jaws (left) and Taye.

SB: Any beauty secrets to looking fresh during a killer workout?
TAYE: No make up! You think that it’s working for you, but actually, it’s working against you by clogging your pores. I love lash extensions since mascara and liner ends up burning your eyes. I also like accessorizing my look with a headband, head tie, or bracelets.
JAWS: I agree. Go in with a clean, fresh face. I always put on a nice lip balm.

SB: When you’re off-duty, what do you like to wear?
TAYE: Anything black and edgy-chic. I love the neutral look. The only pop of color that I wear are my denim Rag & Bone jean—the fit is AH-mazing! I’m also obsessed with sneaker wedges because you get the best of both worlds.
JAWS: Black jeans, heeled boots, T-shirt, and leather jacket. And of course my rings and gold watch.

SB: Which of the SoulCycle for Shopbop piece is your favorite?
MADISON: The pink Soul Sweatpants! And the grey I Love Soul Cropped Tee! Love, love, love!
TAYE: The SoulCycle Happiness Hoodie. Not only is it comfy and cute with everything, but the fabric is so soft. I also need pockets in everything that I wear.
JAWS: I'm into all black, so the Hacci Sweatshirt with Skulls!

Shop the SoulCycle collection.
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