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Tuesday, April 1st 2014

Shopbop Staffers’ Signature Accessories

It seems like every fashionable girl has a signature accessory—a trusty piece that goes with everything and oozes personal style. We snapped photos of Shopbop staffers in everyday looks, and they told us how their signature accessories #MakeTheOutfit.

Name: Bao
Signature piece: SunaharA Malibu bracelet
What makes it special: I am attracted to pieces that tell a story, and this one was a no-brainer. I love this bracelet because it looks dainty but well-traveled, antique but modern.
How it works into your everyday look: My everyday look has bohemian and feminine floral tendencies, so this bracelet does a great job of enhancing the romance of that aesthetic. If I’m wearing neutral or monochromatic colors, this bracelet injects a nice, subtle hint of color.


Name: Katie
Signature piece: Ray-Ban aviators
What makes them special: We’re celebrating a decade together this year—I bought them in 2004.
How they work into your everyday look: I try other, newer shapes, but I always come back to the classic gold-with-rose aviators.





Name: Elise
Signature piece: A.P.C. bag
What makes it special: Perfect size, perfect shape. The design is classic and the color matches my red lipstick perfectly.
How it works into your everyday look: I turned 30 this year and decided I needed a “lady bag” to replace (or at least occasionally stand in for) my trusty, grungy carryall. I was looking for something black to go with everything but fell in love with this baby. I just pretend it’s black and wear it with everything anyway.


Name: LaToya
Signature piece: Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses
What makes them special: I can wear them with everything year-round.
How they work into your everyday look: Typically I use them on my drive to and from work, but they also come in handy when I take a quick stroll to get some lunch.




Name: Monica
Signature piece: Karen Walker bag
What makes it special: I love the chic, classic shape and the pretty pastel color. 
How it works into your everyday look: This bag is the perfect size to hold everything I need throughout the day with enough room to stash a clutch for after-work cocktails.




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