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Tuesday, October 8th 2013

Shopbop Student Staff Picks: Loni

Clockwise, from top left: Stylist Loni in college, IRO jacket, BLK DNM skinny jeans, A.L.C. tank, Lot78 hoodie, and Rag & Bone booties.

Our stylish staffers are taking a look back to their college years to share their fashion ups and downs, must-have picks, and hard-earned advice. This week we talked to stylist, and voice of Ask Shopbop, Loni.

Name: Loni Andreen
School: University of Wisconsin-Madison, late ’90s.

SHOPBOP: During your college years, did you ever try any trends or styles that, looking back, weren’t so great?
LONI ANDREEN: It's all about the hair. For some reason, I change mine all the time, always have. College saw the worst of it—different colors, lengths, and everything in between. It's was the ’90s, so let your imagine run wild. I've calmed down, but why can't I just settle on something already?

SB: What were some looks you loved, even now?
LA: Vintage Levi's 501s, my oversized fisherman sweater, and Converse low-tops. I drew all over the rubber, and in my opinion they still look pretty cool! Back then, I would wear these three items together. Not so much these days, but my old standbys sure come in handy when I want to reach for something comfortable.

SB: It’s back-to-school time. What are your top must-haves for fall?
LA: Walkable Rag & Bone booties with a little lift take you anywhere, anytime. You can never go wrong with denim, stripes, and a moto jacket. Never. Go. Wrong. Seriously. An elevated take on the hoodie—I like the luxe knit version from Lot78—is perfect for cavernous lecture halls and looks great layered with a leather jacket. Put them all together and you get a pulled-together look that's equal parts comfortable, cool, and inspired collegiate.

SB: What is your style advice to those who are in school now?
LA: Three things: 1. You're young and lovely. Take advantage of it. 2. Understand the power of high heels and subtle, expertly applied makeup. When worn well, both are invaluable tools for carrying yourself with confidence and fashion authority. 3. If you see a look you want to try, go for it. It's as much yours as anyone else’s. You don't need permission to fulfill your own style destiny.

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