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Friday, May 15th 2009

Spring Trends: Dress for the Season

Keeping up with the latest trends can be a full-time job, and knowing how to wear them is even trickier. Isn’t it enough to know boyfriend jeans are the next big thing in denim without having to figure out what to pair them with? (Okay, sure, the two ideas go hand in hand.) When it comes down to it, there’s a very simple rule to keep in mind: stay true to your personal style. Each new season makes it easy to do, bringing trends as vast and varied as the ladies who wear them.

Let’s look at a few spring trends:

The Wild West in its classic Americana feel is playing a big role in style this season. Take it in a boho direction with a fringed suede vest, denim cutoffs, and a bikini top (who says bikinis can’t work beyond the beach?). Or give your city-chic look just a touch of cowboy by pairing Golden Goose boots with a girly frock or summer shorts. The key, like any other trend, is to do it in moderation. You’re not catching the train to Yuma, ladies.

Also playing a big role is spring’s perennial favorite, white (Style.com called it a must-have). With its crisp, clean aura it plays so well to the season. Add a few white dresses to your repertoire, or give the ivory hue a bad-girl side with ripped white jeans. You can pair the dresses with black tights and pumps come fall, and the jeans will be even more renegade-chic worn after Labor Day (with leather, naturally).
Thinking transition, there’s one trend that’s bucking the spring tradition of florals and pastels and will play right into the fall months: the edgy look. Forget spring’s pastoral scenes—shredded leggings, a distressed black leather handbag, and body-con everything have just as chic a place in the warm weather months as they do come autumn.

But what’s on the style horizon? Fall trends come in neutral shades (white’s cousin, if you will), sexy peek-a-boo cutouts,’80s rocker inspiration (check out the brilliance of Marc Jacobs’s runway), boho nomadic looks, and so much more. Finesse a few looks from today into tomorrow, and you’ll feel like one savvy fashionista come fall.

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