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Thursday, March 25th 2010

Studio Style: Casual with an Edge

This month in Studio Style we picked stylist Bobbie’s fashionable brain. What did we learn? Edgy comfort isn’t an oxymoron; if you can still see your fingers through your rings, you may need to stack on a few more; and backpack purses are making a comeback!

Suzanne: You look appropriately edgy yet really comfy. What’s the key to pulling this off?

Bobbie: I think the key is finding a look you’re comfortable in and sticking with it. I take a few edgier pieces I love, like my combat boots and knuckle rings, and wear them with everything. This gives a not-trying-too-hard edge.

S: I like the smattering of fashion glossies across your desk. Which magazines are your inspiration favorites?

B: Actually, I usually go online for my inspiration. I love checking out all the runway shows and building my looks straight from the source. Otherwise, I just hit the town and do some serious people watching.

S: When it comes to accessories are you a “take one off before you leave the house” or a “more is more” kind of girl?
B: I’m obsessed with rings right now. I stack on as many as I can find and wear them with everything, so I guess more is more!

S: What handbag are you currently carrying?

B: An Alexander Wang backpack! I love it! I can actually wear it while I’m tooling around town on my cruiser, feeling comfortable and looking cute.

Bobbie wears:
ALC cardigan
* Jersey maxi dress
* Citrine by the Stones, Jules Smith, and Made Her Think rings
* Jeffrey Campbell boots
* Alexander Wang backpack


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