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Thursday, July 23rd 2009

studio style: morgan

The shopbop studio stylists seem to wave a chic little wand and voila!—a limp tee and a rumpled pair of jeans transforms into something high voltage. What’s the secret behind their stellar personal style? That’s what we’re here to find out. Meet Senior Stylist Morgan:

7_23_09_HiGuys_V2 (2) 

Suzanne: Rockin’ the updated ’70s! Very nice. How did this look come together?

Morgan: Well, I got these old Levi’s from my close friend Paige (one of the shopbop founders!). They are so comfy and a little geeky, which I love. I would say my style is kind of dorky/tomboy/sexy with a little bit of grownup thrown in, so I always wear these with high-heel booties, or in this case, big red patent platform wedges.

The blouse is also vintage. Sheer blouses are so cool because they cover you up (depending on how sheer—we all know when we need an under layer) but are still sexy and sophisticated. We’ve got some great ones on the site now. I’m OBSESSED with this Dolce Vita top—the sleeves are so blousy but fitted at the wrist, so you don’t look like you’re wearing a costume.

S: I’m obsessed with your signature ring pendants! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you without them. Tell me about them.

M: Hahaha, they totally are! I NEVER take them off! I started with just my dad’s wedding ring on a chain (it doesn’t fit him anymore). It’s the most chic man’s ring I have ever seen. My mom gave me a vintage ring, and I’ve also got one of my boyfriend’s old rings. I also wear a pendant from my twin sis that says GMS on one side and GNS on the other. It’s what we text each other every day for Good Morning Sister and Good Night Sister. We laugh about it all the time. And again, my girl Paige gave me this Alkemie horse head necklace because she knows how much horses mean to me. Gotta keep friends and fam close to your heart!

S: If you could have drinks with any designer, who would it be and why?

M: She’s not a designer, but Emmanuelle Alt from French Vogue is my style idol. She pulls off such a badass look (leather jackets, studs, tons of black, over the knee boots, leopard print) without ever looking over-styled. I love the aesthetic in her work, too. She is so good at juxtaposing different pieces to make new looks. Cowboy boots and swimsuits, military jackets and fringe—it really inspires me to try unexpected pairings in my own look while still staying true to classic pieces.

If I had to pick a designer, it would be my sis (Pencey designer Kate Wendelborn). When we get together we always talk about what we’d want to wear that doesn’t exist. She sketches it out beautifully; I do a lot of awkward hand motions.

S: What would you wear?

M: I’d wear black leather pants, sky-high heels, my Miu Miu studded clutch, and a sheer black blouse!

Morgan wears:
* Blouse: Vintage
* Jeans: Levi’s
* Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples
* Shoes: Tara Subkoff
* Rings: Flutter and Bing Bang
* Bag: Foley + Corinna


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