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Wednesday, September 30th 2009

Studio Style: Nina

The Shopbop studio stylists seem to wave a chic little wand and voila!—a limp tee and a rumpled pair of jeans transforms into something high voltage. What’s the secret behind their stellar personal style? That’s what we’re here to find out. Meet Accessories Stylist Nina:


Suzanne: Your picture makes me want to go out and buy an infinity scarf! Are scarves your signature accessory? What are some cool, unexpected ways you’ve styled a scarf?

Nina: I have always been crazy about scarves. I actually have an entire drawer dedicated to them. I collect them everywhere I go, so yes, they are definitely my signature. I especially love dots and stripes; they pull my outfits together all the time. I often use scarves in my hair—knots on top, long scarf down my back. I also use vintage pins to keep a scarf hanging perfectly around my neck.

S: If you had to pick a designer that most closely aligns with your personal aesthetic, which would it be and why?

N: Boots are also a big part of my style: Frye, Golden Goose, and Jeffrey Campbell tie for my favorites. These brands tend to have some tougher-looking styles, but they are classic and durable enough to wear year after year.
S: Distressed combat boots are a huge fall trend, but their toughness can be tricky to pull off. Any advice for ensuring they look fashion-forward and still a little feminine?

N: The key is to not let the boots wear you. That basically means you have to let the boots be a part of you. If you don’t want all the attention at your feet, accessorize! Statement jewelry is always a great way to bring feminine right back. When wearing tough footwear, pull one other bold item from your closet to balance it out—a great top or pair of leggings, a cocktail ring, etc.

S: I’m obsessed with the accessories pics in our Fall Obsessions! Tell me about the story and any other juicy tidbits from the shoot.

N: The story for Fall Obsessions was sort of an homage to the end-of-summer road trip, a weekend trip with friends to a small town where you won’t find a five-star hotel, but you will find a great old kitschy motel. I was a big fan of the old neon motel sign shot with the Stuart Weitzman leopard pumps and the Lanvin sunglasses by the pool. I wish I had some dirt to share, but with twenty shots in an afternoon you yearn to jump in the pool, but alas you cannot.
S: It seems most women have one special accessory that’s their prized possession. Do you have one beloved piece?

N: I have had many over the years, but I swear after I call something my favorite, I lose it. Terrible, right? I am a sucker for large silver rings old and new. My favorites right now are one I found in the bottom of a box at a flea market fifteen years ago and my newest find: the Elizabeth and James Pollen Ring.

Nina Wears:
* Scarf: Brochu Walker
* Tee: Velvet
* Jeans: Calvin Klein
* Ring: Elizabeth and James
* Cuff: JADEtribe
* Boots: Jeffrey Campbell


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