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Tuesday, November 17th 2009

Stylecaster & Shopbop’s Fly By Night Video: An Insider’s Take

It’s a Saturday night ritual every fashionable femme performs: you and your friends get together and try on your entire closet in preparation for girls’ night out. But what if you are model Poppy Delevingne with a closetful of the latest Pencey and Siwy, and Shopbop Fashion Director Kate Ciepluch is right there to style you? Our latest video—a short film made in collaboration with Stylecaster—documents this fashion dream, and here, Kate takes us behind the scenes.

Suzanne: This video is a first for Shopbop—not just a trend or denim fit guide, but a cool mini-movie complete with a soundtrack. Tell me about the Fly By Night concept and how the collaboration with Pencey and Siwy came about.

Kate: Our goal was to provide our customers with a scenario they could relate to—multiple girls deciding what to wear followed by a night out in NYC, which is not complete without a run-in with an unrelenting bouncer and live music, things my friends and I regularly experience.

We were going for a fun/playful vibe based on an indie rock soundtrack and a Lower East Side setting. I wanted to bring on designers whose aesthetics mixed exceptional eye-catching pieces with low-key, casual looks, and also worked well when styled together. Pencey’s holiday collection immediately came to mind. Styles include this season’s sought after faux fur leopard coat, a flirty ruffle dress in a vibrant animal print, and cool subtle styles: black lace leggings, drapey blazers, and awesome graphic tees. We wanted a denim line to complement Pencey’s collection. Cut to Siwy’s holiday line, which has everything from your basic dark-wash, everyday denim to red sequined skinnies. Christina Minasian (Pencey’s Creative Director) and I put together multiple looks for the girls to try on, as well as their ultimate hit-the-street ensembles.

S: The video features It girls Poppy Delevingne and Isabelle McNally, Piano’s bar, and a few irresistibly cute NYC boys. Tell me about the locations and how you chose the cast.

K: We wanted to feature girls with a great fashion sense who had different looks, and settled on these personalities—a blonde and a brunette, a long and lean frame and a cute, petite figure. Piano’s is the perfect destination in a great area in NYC. It has a chill bar in front and an upbeat music room that blares rock and roll in the back. I frequent this spot myself; it’s always a great time and boasts an impressive up-and-coming indie-rock lineup.

S: Despite the talent, this video’s real star has gotta be those rock-star red sequined Siwy leggings! At first they seem a bit intimidating, but Poppy makes them look so cool and wearable. What’s your advice for styling them?

K: The red sequin leggings provide killer fashion that can be overwhelming if not toned down a bit. We thought the faded black vintage-esque Pencey tee and sophisticated black blazer were on-point with the screaming leggings. The glimmering silver chain necklace pulls the top and bottom together and looks perfect on Poppy because of her natural, not-much-makeup-needed beauty and her girly platinum hair.

S: Will there be more videos like this, a part two perhaps?

K: Definitely! Please stay tuned, we have some wild things in the works.

S: And finally, when you’re going out with your girls to watch a live band on the LES, what are you wearing?

K: I am a boot fanatic and flat boots are a must when standing on your feet and enjoying music. Lately I have been wearing my go-to Golden Goose boots with cool sheer patterned tights, a T-shirt dress, and a leather jacket. Lots of chunky rings and necklaces are my favorite night-out accessories.


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