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Thursday, March 27th 2014

The Best of Both Worlds: Talking Bags with Reece Solomon

Since 2009, Reece Hudson handbags have embodied classic street style while maintaining the craftsmanship of a luxury product. Every bold, edgy design utilizes the finest materials, ensuring durable, functional wear that’s perfect for daily use. We spoke with the brand’s founder and designer, Reece Solomon, about the importance of quality and the inspiration behind her latest bags.

Shopbop: What inspired you to design handbags?
Reece Solomon: I grew up horseback riding, so I think that really inspired a love of leather craftsmanship from an early age. I always loved handbags, and it interested me that they serve such a functional purpose compared to other aspects of a woman's wardrobe—they conceal a woman's personal possessions. I found it really interesting to design the vessel for that.

SB: One of the goals in your work is to bridge the gap between luxury product and street style. What do you believe to be the most compelling way to do this?
RS: I strive to deliver a product that has easiness to it—to meld the quality of a true luxury product with a bit more of the boldness seen more often in street style without it seeming overworked.

SB: Your bags are handcrafted in Italy from leather and exotic skins, giving them the quality that is central to your brand. What is important to you about this type of craftsmanship?
RS: I love the tradition and history of leatherwork in Italy, so it's amazing to me that my product can be a part of that. It's also incredibly educational to me as a designer. Something that's also important to me in my designs are the details, especially the subtle ones that may only be apparent to the woman who's wearing the bag. But to achieve the subtle details takes a high level of skill and pride for the work, in every stage of the process—from the raw materials, to the hardware, to the final assembly and finishing of a bag.

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SB: Which bag in your collection do you think belongs on every woman’s arm?
RS: The Bowery Oversized Clutch. It's such a nice transitional bag and continues to be our bestseller.

SB: What is the best piece of advice on designing you’ve received?               
RS: Don't listen too much to what other people tell you, and don't get wrapped up in comparing your work to others'. That's how all the "greats" worked.

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