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Thursday, August 25th 2011

The Cool Crew: Crew-Neck Tops

This season, the truly cool are championing an unlikely former underdog: the modest crew neck. Perhaps it is exactly this clean, masculine solidity that gives the crew silhouette its subtle sexiness. Who can see a white tee without thinking of Marlon Brando’s caught-in-an-undershirt allure circa A Streetcar Named Desire, or don a high-necked pullover without thinking of sweaters borrowed from boys gone by?

For my own stash, I’m stocking up on James Dean-esque undershirts from Velvet clothing, and beginning the search for the perfect Vince sweater to wear in the crisper times to come. And, yes, I admit it: though nothing’s on the horizon, my eye has been caught by the crew-neck wedding dresses from Calvin Klein Collection. I’ll just put those on my wish list for the future.


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