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Tuesday, July 7th 2009

The U.S. Open—And It’s Pronounced “BOW-GEE” Not “BOOGIE”

News from Our NY Editor at Large

Hi dolls, I have been practicing my golf clap since the last time we spoke, and I’m convinced there is nothing more elegant than the game of golf. To be honest, I have never shown any interest in the game. In fact, when my dad suggested I join the golf team in high school, I looked at him with horror, but leave it to my mom to suggest that a golf tournament could be a nice way to meet a boy. Enter the U.S. Open. Held in Bethpage, New York, a mere train ride away from Manhattan, I put on my khaki shorts (don’t worry, they were studded), left my cell phone at home (to our dismay they were not allowed), and headed to the greens with Marsha Welcher, the talented and adventurous designer of Thayer.

We had been planning our outfits weeks in advance, but our ideas quickly became bigger than the event—long, flowing white dress, denim romper, harem pants and backless tank. We were politely reminded that maybe, just maybe, we should tone it down—this is a sporting event after all, not a runway show. We were escorted by my parents and spent the entire train ride becoming quick studies in the language and players (the young, good-looking ones, to be exact). I got a big laugh from the man behind me when I asked innocently, “What is a Bogey?” It’s pronounced “BOW-GEE” and I said “BOOGIE.” Oops. Marsha, the consummate researcher, made us a study guide of the top ten players to know, and according to the rest of the travelers on our train she got an A-plus for effort!

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