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Wednesday, November 5th 2008

Timely Fashion

I’ve always had a little crush on men’s watches. I remember being six and trying on my dad’s watch, and then in high school stealing it to wear to class. In college, I coveted my guy friends’ watches and may or may not have snatched one away to wear with an armful of bracelets a time or two. Forget about telling time, there’s just something about their solid weight and oversized style that makes them feel so cool. And now that I’m a respectable adult, I think it’s about time I stopped swiping watches from the men in my life and picked up one of my own.

That’s where Freelook comes in. I love the glitz-meets-sporty feel of their Swarovski Bezel Watch, but it’s the minimal look of their Oversized Watch, particularly the silver, that’s won my heart. And, looking into the history of this fashion-forward timepiece brand, the Francophile in me can’t help but love that they got their start on the chic boulevards of Paris.

So tell me, ladies, how do you prefer your timepieces? Weighty, feminine, nonexistent, or perhaps more of the cell phone variety?


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