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Thursday, April 30th 2009

to hobo or not to hobo

I have a confession to make: I’ve been carrying the same bag since the beginning of last fall. I know, the disgrace! But I simply haven’t found a contender that’s as perfect in size and shape as my trusty (and often complimented) Gustto. I’ve got a soft spot for oversized clutches, but they’re not really everyday practical. And on the other end of the spectrum, shoulder bags are practical, but the plain silhouettes just aren’t doing it for me anymore.

So, with summer approaching, I think it’s time to make a switch. I have a few minor demands of my everyday handbag: 1) It must be big enough to carry at least one book and one magazine. 2) It’s got to be versatile. 3) It’s got to have style (obviously).

After browsing handbags, I’ve narrowed it down to three contenders:

Exhibit A: Alexander Wang Trudy Tote
Perfect size? Check. Color? Timeless. Leather? Sublime. Style? Up the wazoo (technical fashion term). I tote my laptop everywhere, but sadly, laptop bags are never very chic. When this one’s expanded, however, it’s roomy enough for my computer, as well as all the other miscellaneous things I have with me at any given moment. Even better, forget six-months-and-I’m-done, I may just get away with wearing this one for years.

Exhibit B: Foley + Corinna Dyed Mid City Tote
I’ve been mulling over the print handbags trend, and for the longest time, I just couldn’t take the plunge. I like to carry my handbags for a season, put them away for a year, and pull them back out again. It’s like getting a brand-new bag. And when I asked myself if the print bags I was browsing could do this, all too often, the answer was no. Not the case here. This one will feel spring/summer chic year after year.

Exhibit C: See by Chloé Ring Around Hobo
Now, this bag is big, really big, but I have a bit of an unnatural love for oversized handbags (and lately, See by Chloé—oh, those jelly shoes!). And, hobo bags have that slouchy, laid-back feel that’s so perfect for summer. This is a signature in the making, and if I play my cards right, I think I can carry it into the early parts of fall as well.

So ladies, help me decide. Which gets your vote: A, B, or C?


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