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Wednesday, April 2nd 2014

Totes & Charms: Talking Bags with Sophie Hulme

Sophie Hulme launched her label in 2008 after graduating from Kingston University. An avid collector of vintage clothing and old trinkets, she finds inspiration in the stories these items tell, as well as in the beauty of everyday objects. We talked to Hulme about handbags and her expert melding of past and present design.

Shopbop: How did you get your start in fashion design?
Sophie Hulme: I loved drawing and painting as a child, which led me down the art and design route. I've also always collected things, which gave me an appreciation of beautifully designed objects.

SB: From toy robots to 1940s clothing, you love collectibles. What is your most prized collection?
SH: My antique gold charm collection. It started when my Nan gave me a gold charm bracelet when I was younger, and I've looked for them all over the place since.

SB: A unique trinket accompanies the products in each of your collections. What is the inspiration behind these, and which has been your favorite?
SH: They are generally inspired by everyday recognizable things. I like the idea of taking low-value items and molding them in gold. I think my favorite was the gold chip fork—my friends all use them whenever they get fish and chips!

Sophie Hulme bags and trinkets.

SB: Your bags are simultaneously modern and timeless. What elements do you implement in every design in order to achieve this?
SH: I like to make sure they are really functional, and that all the elements add to the function of the bag as well as the form. I think this makes them more timeless. I also try to make them beautifully designed objects that aren't trend-led, so they can't date.  In terms of the modernity, I just make sure they are unique so they feel new and exciting.

SB: Which bag from the spring collection will you carry most often? How will you style it?
SH: I love the chain mini envelope bag, which I wear as a cross-body. I like that it can go from day to evening and that it is small but deep, so it can still carry everything I need!

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