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Wednesday, February 8th 2012

Valentine’s Day: Celebrate Your Single Status!

In college, I had a friend who wore black every Valentine’s Day. It was her own personal challenge to what she considered a fabricated holiday. Though I never fell in line with her method of protest (I wear black nearly every day, anyway. Why should V-Day be any different?), I’ve also never been much of one to celebrate the day of love, relationship or not. This year, however, my single self is in a festive mood. Heart-shaped cookies will be baked and a Wildfox heart sweatshirt will be worn.

And so I say to my fellow single ladies: do not shrink as your coupled-up friends make dinner plans and wait for flowers to be delivered. Embrace the day in your own way. Who needs a fella to validate your appreciation for red and pink?

Jewels Just for You
Men rarely get Valentine’s Day jewelry right (there are jewelry boxes stuffed with heart-pendant necklaces to prove it), so why not take care of yourself? Rose-gold Made Her Think jewelry pieces blend of-the-moment trends with downtown edge.

Something Red
Red never fails to get a reaction. Eye-catching cherry shoes and bold scarlet dresses have been wardrobe staples for ages, and I posit a red collar should be added to that mix. Innovative offerings from Kenneth Jay Lane, Tuleste Market, and Pamela Love infuse a Valentine’s look with just the dose of red it needs.

A Little Cheeky
Should this Hallmark holiday be taken too seriously? Never. Add a dose of fun to your single V-Day with a girl-power Felix Rey scarf, or tune out any lovey-dovey chatter with a pair of sweet Diane von Furstenberg headphones.


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