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Thursday, August 27th 2009

Vintage Shopping Made Easy

Back in May, I wrote about the trove of vintage-inspired fashion on Shopbop, lamenting the amount of time it takes to hunt down truly brilliant, authentic vintage finds and praising our offering of new pieces made to look old. It seems our buying team heard my whine (or, more likely, understands that my fellow shoppers value a vintage score as much as I do), because in recent weeks a cache of gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces from WGACA Vintage and Retrosun Sunglasses have mingled among contemporary offerings, making vintage shopping a question of who can click the fastest rather than who has the stamina to dig through the most bins.

At Shopbop, the vintage revolution started with What Goes Around Comes Around, a brand that scours the globe to find beautiful vintage pieces spanning decades. “We finger through their massive collection and and look for items that are right for our Shopbop girl,” says Fashion Director Kate Ciepluch. Among the finds are authentic vintage Levi’s jeans and crystal-sprayed vintage flannel shirts. But perhaps the most prized are the cluster of vintage Chanel handbags that recently made waves when they popped up in What’s New. Shannon at PurseBlog summed up the general disbelief that gave way to frenzied clicking (as I imagine it, anyway) perfectly: “No friggin’ way.” As many gals who nabbed a bag can attest: Way, Shannon. Way.

It doesn’t stop there. Retrosun offers never-worn vintage shades from the biggest brands (my faves are the vintage Dior sunglasses and vintage Gucci sunglasses pictured). And on the not-so-distant horizon loom some ’80s Rive Gauche YSL pieces, Nina Ricci, and very cool Woodstock-worthy concert tees, all from WGACA.

So my advice to you is this, vintage junkies: start shamelessly stalking What’s New now because these pieces are not to be missed.

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