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Wednesday, July 22nd 2009

Wardrobe Refresher Course


An unofficial survey of stylish friends and a recent article in Harper’s Bazaar has led me to the following hypothesis: the economy, far from making people want to dress more conservatively, has actually created a craving for off-the-beaten-path designers and fresh silhouettes. But this doesn’t mean one has to throw financial caution to the wind to get that fashion fix. (Or subsist on complimentary Diet Coke and Mentos from the office snack room for the foreseeable future.) Just five classic-but-current pieces will update your wardrobe and won’t scream “Fall 2009!” in a season or two.

1. Faux Fur
A luxe look your vegan coworker and accountant brother-in-law will approve of, faux fur is big news for fall. Not sure how to wear it? Here’s a tip: don’t take it too seriously. Throw it on over a flannel and destroyed denim for the ultimate in what-this-old-thing cool.
2. Peep-Toe Booties
Unlike a pump or a standard-issue boot, booties feel right with night and daytime looks, dresses and denim. (Plus, the peep-toe is the perfect excuse for an impromptu pedicure in mid-November.)
3. Slouchy Skinny Jeans
A hybrid of boyfriend jeans and painted-on skinny jeans, slouchy skinnies have a look that’s less va-va-voom and more inadvertently sexy. Styling them with a silk blouse (we bet you already have a few on hand), is unexpected, giving the whole thing a laid-back, louche appeal.
4. Boyfriend Blazer
Tailored but not the least bit uptight, the boyfriend blazer adds instant polish to any ensemble. Wear it MOD (Model Off Duty) style with broken-in denim and beat-up sneakers.
5. Oversized Button-Down
Are you seeing a pattern here? Continuing in the borrowed-from-a-dude theme, the season’s oversized button-down is already a celeb fave. This piece is the perfect way to make your go-to leggings look new.

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