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Thursday, January 29th 2009

excellent ‘80s-inspired

What best defines ’80s style? Tight-rolled pants? Fashion Plates? Scott Baio’s feathered hair? The list could lovingly go on, but the common ingredient to all things ’80s can be summed up in one party-hardy Poison ditty: Nothin’ But a Good Time. It was a decade of glam decadence, bold Rubik’s Cube color, doorknocker earrings, not one but at least three Swatch watches stacked on wrists, and an unquenchable desire for louder, faster, more. 

Designers and stylists have harnessed that fun-loving spirit and refined it, and like the magic of alchemy, turned it into 2009 gold. Here’s how to balance “that was then” with “this is now.”

Electric Slide:  Reading other fashionable sites around the blogosphere, I’ve witnessed more than a few virtual winces at the talk of neon coming back in vogue. But unlike many a senior yearbook picture circa 1988, I’m not suggesting you do it hat-to-heel with mall bangs to match. Instead, use electric color like your one statement accessory. In the Twelfth Street and Myne looks above, highlighter hues really provide a positive charge to neutral tan, ivory, or navy.

Seek-and-Destroyed Denim:  A piece no good rock chick can live without, ripped jeans will forever symbolize fist-pumping, youth-gone-wild bravado. But just like we used to wish every Kiefer Sutherland character had a soft side, this trend is best with a shot of sweetness. Try playing your wrong-side-of-the-tracks blues against an ethereal blush-colored chiffon top—kind of like if William Rast and Jill Stuart were dating.

Got My Wayfarers On, Baby: Synonymous with an endless SoCal summer, Ray-Ban sunglasses rank high on the list of legendary ’80s icons. Check out our cache of fresh colors (aqua anyone?) and updated styles, like the Ray-Ban Clubmaster (pictured). And there’s the New Wayfarer with wrap styling and scratch-proof frames for those times you’re in a rush to strap the surfboard on the roof of your cherry red Camaro and go.

What about you: Any fond ’80s fashion memories or tips for how to wear the trends today?


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