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Monday, February 23rd 2009

what I learned at Fashion Week


I'm down a cashmere glove and about four nights sleep, but it was totally worth it. Somewhere during the whirlwind of anxious cab rides and swag bags, I witnessed some beautiful moments (DVF doing a victory dance at the end of her show), some beautifully surreal moments (Bill Cunningham giving what looked to be a homemade valentine to the woman seated two people down from me at the Alexander Wang show), and saw some beautiful people (SJP, Erin Wasson, and Carine Roitfeld among them).
A few useful take-away points from my Fashion Week experience include how to wear the slouchy new pant (with a predatory shoe and relatively plain top), that black is back with a vengeance for fall (for some of us it never left), and that once you've lost feeling in your feet, you can wear heels for days on end (Was this my grandmother's secret?).

Though I enjoyed the spectacle of the shows themselves, I found as much inspiration in the lines outside or in the lobby beforehand as I did on the runway. It's kind of like the sartorial Olympics after all, so members of every fashion tribe bring their A-game: furs (both faux and not), sky-high S & M heels, booties, leggings, leather, boyfriend blazers, hats, distressed denim were a strong presence, as were those few true-blue avant-garde fashionistas in looks entirely of their own devising, all making up this gorgeous collision of just about every style subculture you can imagine.
Needless to say I was never at a loss for material. Indeed the sheer enormity of covering everything I wanted to (and doing it justice) seemed too much at times. But fueled by Luna Bars (next year I may approach them for sponsorship) and coffee both awful (the deli across from my hotel at 3AM) and sublime (Dean & Deluca), we managed to bring you quite a bit by way of both the blog and the feature that launched today. But we didn't say everything, and that's why you'll be hearing lots more about Fashion Week in the coming days as buyers, stylists, designers, and editors weigh in on the goings-on and what you'll likely be seeing on shopbop in a few months. Stay tuned!


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