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Friday, November 2nd 2012

What The FK: Your Desert Island Item - No, Really

Magazines like to ask celebs, "What would you take to a desert island?"

They always say mascara.  

I always say, "I'd rather hear about that time you married a rock star. Especially since, really, when are we going to be on a desert island?"

But here's the thing: I'm on a desert island right now because I live in Lower Manhattan, which—thanks to Hurricane Sandy—has turned into a First World purgatory: We've been spared the terror of total destruction, but we're still displaced with no electricity, heat, or running water. (That last part's ironic, since we're also dealing with major flood damage.)

So on Monday afternoon, I threw some things into my backpack, miraculously hailed a cab, and found refuge in Brooklyn. And even though I packed in a hurry, the clothes I chose to take are definitely, totally, 100% my desert island items—the things I wear every day that honestly make me feel better, even when I'm panicked about my apartment / friends / city / universe. (Also, BK is home to style stars like Valentino muse Anne Hathaway, Stella McCartney fan Maggie Gyllenhaal, and maybe most important, Madewell goddess Alexa Chung. So, you know, when in Rome...)

Here's what I crammed in my bag:

1. A shrunken leather hoodie jacket. Looks good with everything, warm but not bulky, and the hood is brilliant for hiding unwashed, I-live-in-Zone-A hair.

2. An oversize ribbed Vince sweater. Warm, chic, and comforting—sort of my grown-up version of a teddy bear. (Okay, I have one of those too, but it didn't fit in my backpack...)

3. Super-skinny, super-stretchy blue jeans. They fit into my rain boots, they fit under giant sweaters, they don't take up too much space, and they're really warm.  

4. T-Shirts by Sophomore NYC and tanks by Tucker NYC.  My friends Chrissy Miller and Gaby Basora make them locally, and they're soooo soft.

5. My favorite Wildfox Couture sweatshirt. Because ponies make everything better.

6. Lace underwear. I know, but look, it's not because of a guy I like, it's because they were the last clean pairs in my apartment. Although I did see a guy I liked, right before I left for Brooklyn, but alas, he didn't get a peek at anything. His loss, blah blah, moving on. 

7. Sneakers. These Superga ones are practical and pink, and therefore awesome.

And yes, Gwyneth / Beyonce, I also packed mascara. Okay?

PS: The only thing I love as much as clothes is New York. If you feel the same, head to Gothamist and see their list of volunteer opportunities. You can (and should!) also donate to the relief effort at RedCross.org.

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