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Friday, September 19th 2008

What the Other Girls Are Wearing: White Bags in the Off Season


Probably my favorite part about visiting another city is scoping out what the other girls are wearing. When I was in Chicago last Saturday, I was sitting in this sweet, postage stamp-sized park, and spotted this girl with a big, slouchy white leather bag slung over her shoulder.

I stared at her (thank god for enormous sunglasses) as she went by, transfixed. Now big bags have been big news for awhile, but something about the light color looked so chicly unstudied, so unexpected against her all-black ensemble, with her cropped platinum hair. (Come to think of it, she bore a passing resemblance to our very own Lex.)

That white bag wove its way in and out of my consciousness for the rest of the day. (Embarrassing but true: I was thinking about how I would work such a bag into my look during much of the play we saw later that night.) Now, of course, I’m obsessed with finding the perfect one. (The pic above represents what's in the running so far. Left to right: Foley + Corinna, Marc by Marc, and Rebecca Minkoff.)


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