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Friday, July 24th 2009

what to wear to a dive bar

Love ’em or hate ’em, the future (for now) of New York nightlife seems to lie in dive bars. A recent article in the NY Times says “clubs” are out and “lounges” are in. The difference? Not important. What is important is what a person should wear to this social revolution. I suggest channeling your inner hipster, in a fashion-forward way.

Start by browsing our Edgy styles. The emerging tie-dye jeans trend will be right at home in any hole-in-the-wall bar. Add some black leather (like an Alexander Wang vest) and a slouchy tank, and your too-cool-for-school look has a solid base. Accessorize with cutout booties (L.A.M.B. makes a vampish pair, pictured) and some heavy-duty jewels (I’m obsessed with Fiona Paxton, and the Kettle Black cuff above has all the makings of a signature piece), give your hair the bed-head treatment, and your look will have devil-may-care urbanite written all over it.


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