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Wednesday, May 19th 2010

What to Wear to a Music Festival: Style Tips from New Orleans

As the PR Executive Director for a boutique firm specializing in beauty, my sister Rena travels extensively between New York and Los Angeles. I’m always amazed at how she can pull together outfits for all her East and West Coast social and work functions. In the midst of her busy schedule, she was able to veer south and meet me for the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

Rachel: Traveling back and forth between New York and Los Angeles must get exhausting. How do you pack for a quick weekend rendezvous in New Orleans?

Rena: Before I arrived in New Orleans, I actually traveled for a week from New York to L.A. to Las Vegas to Chicago. Packing for four cities in ten days presented a fifty-pound challenge, but I was determined to make it work. My suitcase was packed to the hilt, and I definitely had to remove weight at more than one airport check-in. Luckily, all my destinations were warm, so I was able to mix and match travel, work, and fun pieces. Air travel is inevitably freezing, so I wear comfortable layers and stick to a casual-chic look. My go-to airport outfit is a Splendid tank, hoodie, Citizens jeans, Elizabeth and James flats, and a Love Quotes scarf.

Rachel: What did you wear to the music festival?

Rena: Unfortunately the weather wasn’t ideal, so I stuck to comfortable outfits. Basically, I wore what would allow me to enjoy the local Creole food (too much!) while dancing: a headscarf, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, vintage Levi’s, and a Rebecca Minkoff cross-body bag.

Rachel: What were the other female attendees at the festival wearing?

Rena: There were over 150,000 people who attended the festival, and I saw some of the cutest outfits! Because of the weather, Hunter boots were everywhere, as were print dresses, rompers, and straw hats (I was glad to have packed my Bop Basics fedora). Out of all the outfits, the accessories were the most inspiring! Bracelets, large necklaces, cross-body bags, and belts completed the music festival looks.

Rachel: Anything you saw that you are going to emulate back at home in New York?

Rena: As the weather warms up, so does my walking commute from the Lower East Side to Soho. I fell in love with print rompers, and I’m going to wear more bracelets. I’ve already picked up a couple Low Luv x Erin Wasson bangles.

Rachel: Besides the festival, what is your favorite place to visit in New Orleans?

Rena: No trip to New Orleans is complete without wandering through the French Quarter, making a mandatory stop at Café du Monde for beignets and chicory coffee. On a side note, watch whomever you’re dining with (lovely sisters, for example) so they don’t “accidently” blow on their beignet, dusting your floral Parker dress with powdered sugar!


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