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Monday, January 25th 2010

What’s Your Obsession?

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We’ve all been there. While glancing through What’s New, we fall hard for that covetable dress/handbag/necklace, the one that seems to have been made just for us. We heart it. Daydream about it. Plan outfits around it in our head. And when we’re sure it’s the one (as though there was ever any doubt), we make it ours.

Half the fun in fashion is sharing these favorites with our friends. Enter Shopbop Obsessions. This winter, Shopbop staffers confess that they have it bad for grey leather jackets, sculptural cuffs, and perforated booties. But what makes us fall head-over-heels for one thing and not the other? I remember my first sartorial obsession, which struck at the age of 12. The object? A pair of glittery, chunky-heeled jelly sandals (don’t judge!) that I adored so much I was afraid to wear them and get them dirty. Thankfully my tastes have evolved since then, and lately I’ve been solely captivated by great patterns—my new feather-print Issa dress and embroidered Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent dress (not to mention a couple patterned cardigans) have me neglecting the solids in my closet.

What about you—do you remember your first fashion obsession? And what are you infatuated with right now?


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