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Wednesday, June 24th 2009

Will Go Uptown (For A Good Cause)

News from Our NY Editor at Large

Clockwise from left: Kate and me, LL Cool J, Tamarama, Kate and Matt Bernson.

An event that requires me and my partner in crime, Kate, to venture above 14th Street and into a mega-club had better be two things: charitable and fashionable. And if LL Cool J is hosting, it doesn’t hurt either. Last week’s Pay It Fashion Forward—put on by Fashion Delivers, a nonprofit organization that aids victims of disasters and others in need—recognized several industry vanguards for their positive influence on their community, and boasted an open bar, throwback tunes from my man LL, and a performance by Tamarama. (Oh, you know them. Remember Whitney Port’s long-haired hottie of a boyfriend in The City? It’s his band. Don’t worry, I snagged a picture.)

We grabbed dinner at our favorite hole-in-the-wall café on Bleecker before hailing a cab uptown to the event’s venue, M2 Ultra Lounge. Kate and I dressed twinsies-style in rompers and heels—great minds think alike! She donned a black one by Elizabeth and James that I’ve been eyeing, and I wore my go-to Alexander Wang bubble-print one from holiday ’08. If it ain’t broke…

We arrived on the earlier side and were shocked that the club was already packed. I overheard someone say more than 500 people were there. Clearly this wasn’t your average stop-in-and-go fashion event. We had to prioritize. Cocktails? Check. Pic with LL? Check. Scan of the room for good-looking men? Check.

Now, let the run-ins begin. When you’ve been working in fashion in N.Y.C. for as long as we have, these events always turn into mini reunions. We chatted with our favorite Glamour fashion blogger (and my former colleague at Elle.com), Tracey Lomrantz, who was actually miked for some secret show she was taping…hmmm. Then, oddly, we ran into my next-door neighbors (literally—I share a balcony with these boys!), who, though they’re not in fashion, are college buds with Matt Bernson, King of Sandals and a member of the selection committee for the event. Small world! Lucky for us, the boys had the hook-up—a table in the V.I.P. section. Kate and I danced in our short-shorts to all of our favorite hip-hop tunes and embraced life in the clubs!

We had plans to hit up a mutual friend’s birthday party, so we had to say goodbye to our newfound club life and head—where else?—downtown to a dive bar, where we belong.

Check back in a couple days for details on my outing with Thayer designer Marsha Welcher at the U.S. Open. And I do mean the golf one.


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