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Friday, October 24th 2008

With Kid (and Cashmere) Gloves

This season I have a bit of an obsession with sweaters and jackets of the short-sleeved variety, which will venture into seriously impractical territory once the thermometer officially reads “cold.” My solution is to find an insanely chic pair of long gloves that will merit all the attention they’ll get covering up my bare arms.

Number one on my list? A pair of elbow-grazing luxe leather ones by Temperley London. They’re pure richness embodied and have the old-school ladylike feel I love. A close second are Marc’s over-the-elbow mittens. Not quite as luxe as Temperley’s gloves, these earn their must-have status in cozy warmth. Following in Marc’s plush footsteps are our very own Bop Basics cashmere fingerless gloves. So soft with just a hint of urban funk, I can see myself putting these on in the morning and wearing them all day. And last on my list but not least by any means are Twenty8Twelve’s seemingly pirate-inspired leather gloves. Pirate may not equal chic on most planets, but in the Miller sisters’ world, it’s downright brilliant.


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